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Need Help Choosing a License?

I know it can be hard to understand the types of licenses available, so I’ve written a quick guide to make the process of buying beats simple and easy to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions with answers.

I accept PayPal and Credit Card (Stripe) payments.

Yes, once you have completed the payment process you will be directed to a safe download section where you can obtain the files.

A confirmation email containing the download links will also be sent.

I consider my beat tag to compliment and be a part of my beats, therefore, I keep it in the introduction of my beats for all leases.

No. All purchases made from the Beat Store are non-exclusive. This means that the producer still owns the rights and we will still be able to license it to other artists.

A beat will only be removed from the store if the exclusive rights are sold, please contact me if you are interested in purchasing exclusive rights to one of my beats.

WAV License

Price: $50

Semi-professional license that is intended for artists who are new to the music industry and are just beginning to release their music. The streaming limit is lower with this option, and it does not provide trackouts.

Pro License

Price: $100

Professional license is intended for artists who release their music on platforms like Spotify and iTunes, and perform it in (paid) live shows. It includes tracked out files that are essential for a professional mix of your song. 

We advise against using this license if you plan to make a music video for YouTube.

Unlimited License

Price: $200

Professional license allowing for unlimited streams, plays, and sales, making it a popular choice for artists who anticipate their song will exceed the streaming limits of other licenses. 

We recommend this license for artists who intend to create and monetize a music video for YouTube.